Wednesday, 19 March 2014

| How To Apply For Staff On RedPortal |


So you want to try apply for staff? Well that's great!
Follow the following instructions to maximize your chances of gaining a staff rank!

Firstly. Do you meet the minimum requirements to get a staff rank?

- 12 Hours playtime on RedPortal
- 5 Hours Playtime on the specific server you want staff on
- No previous bans / tempbans
(Use /playtime to see your playtime)

If you meet these requirements please go to the next step!

Decide Which Position You Want

Builder (Current Spots)
Guard (Prison World Only)
Mining Inspector (GoldRush Only)


This is the most important part of getting staff.
You must use this format to fill out your application. Then post it as a comment and it will be read in 48 hours and responded to in 72 hours.
(The more content in your application = more chance of getting accepted as it proves you are dedicated and able to take care with things like this)

Minecraft Name:
Time Played On RedPortal:
Staff Position Applying For:
Time Played In The World:
How Often Can You Play:
Why Do You Want This Position:
What Would You Do If You Were Denied Staff:
Do You Consider Yourself To Be Mature:
Can You Work Popular Plugins? I.E, World Edit, GroupManager, WorldGuard, Essentials Etc:
Contact Details, Skype, Email Etc:
Other Information/Comments, Feel Free to Include Screen Shots (Especially for Builder role!: